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  1. Basic landscaping consists of rock only.

  2. There are 3 to 5 rock color options. Number of options may change, based on availability.

  3. Front yard landscaping is defined as – starting from the front corners of the house and forward. It does not include the sides of the house, nor the back yard. 

  4. Landscaping will be installed prior to closing.

  5. Parkway (area between street curb and sidewalk) shall have rock landscaping only. No grass.

  1. Grass; however, artificial grass can be installed at an additional cost through a Change Order.

  2. Bushes, trees, plants, rock/grass dividers, walkways, concrete, etc.

  3. Landscaping on the side of the house – regardless of the location of side gates.

  4. Landscaping at rear yard.

  5. Landscaping warranty – there is NO warranty on landscaping.

  6. Maintenance of landscaping.

  7. Mediator position between home buyer and landscaping service for misunderstandings, mistakes, or conflicts. Examples include wrong color rock, or wrong placement of rock/grass.

  8. Builder is not responsible for contamination of landscaping caused by acts of nature – windblown trash/debris, sand, rain washout, etc.

  9. Grass shall not be allowed in the parkway (area between street curb and sidewalk).

  1. Landscaping upgrades are available directly with the landscaping company assigned to you, OR buyers can choose to pay for upgraded “State Series” landscaping through a Change Order. Home buyer/homeowner is responsible for additional charges.

  2. Home buyer/homeowner is NOT allowed to use his/her own landscaping company without forfeiting the landscaping package provided by Classic American Homes.

  3. Exceptions on standard landscaping package will apply to subdivisions with covenants.

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